Kiboko is  the one-man company that I registered for my consultancy services.

After graduating from Wageningen University in Tropical Agronomy, I worked for FAO as agronomist for 10 years in Africa. I then switched to Software development when returning to the Netherlands. Visit my LinkedIn page for more personal info.

Most of my daily work is in software design and development for corporate clients in the Netherlands.  Regularly I go out for short term consultancies for international agencies where I can combine my ICT experience with my agricultural knowledge.

Simon Jasperse

"Wewe ni kama Kiboko"​

That was what the old man told me at the shore of lake Nyasa.

After a day of village meetings and planting rice for the Kilimo/FAO Plant Nutrition Programme, I went to the beach at Mbamba Bay where I met the old fisherman tending his nets. Unlike during my last visit, the beach was deserted; no women washing clothes, goats drinking or ducks cruising the lake. “Yeah we have some crocodile problems lately, but you can go for a swim, no problem, you are just like a hippo“. Something to do with a white underbelly.

Remembering the compliment, the company found it’s name; kiboko is the Swahili name for hippopotamus. And no, I did not put it to the test.

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